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Edward Henry Martin Drayton & Flora Isabel Drayton's House

98 Hampshire Rd Sunshine

Hampshire Rd 98 - Edward Henry Martin Dr

This is the house of Edward & Flora Drayton.

Edward was one of the two brothers who purchased the business of the Commonwealth China Ware Manufacturers Syndicate (Established 1911) located in Derby Rd, Sunshine. The company name was changed to the Drayton Brothers Pottery. They first produced cups and saucers for the Railways and inkwells for the Education Department.

Both Edward & Flora contributed significantly to the both the business and community of Sunshine.

Edward was the Shire of Braybrook President for two terms 1935-1936 & 1941-1942.

The house was relocated to Lynch St but it now believe it was actually relocated to Leonard St, Sunshine.

Source: Drayton Family donation to SDHS

The house fronted Hampshire Rd and the image is the Derby Rd North elevation.

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