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ICI ANZ Recreation Club

Deer Park Club 2021 Photo 01.JPG

In the 1950's, ICI was a major employer in the district and the creation of the club demonstrates the substantial impact the company had on it's employees social life.


This followed the practice in England where all employers of significant factories provided these facilities.

The high profile architect Frederick Romberg (See notes) designed the first elegant building complete with a copper fire place and bowling green. 

The club is now know as the "The Deer Park Club" and continues to provide an invaluable service to the local and surrounding districts communities.

Notes: Romberg also design the ETA Factory Ballarat Braybrook, Stanhill Flats Queens Rd Melbourne and the MacFarland Library Ormond College University of Melbourne.

Ref: DW Meale S&DHS Pioneer Lunch 2008

Photos: S&DHS

Deer Park Club 2021 Photo 02.JPG
Deer Park Club 2021 Photo 04.JPG
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