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Selwyn Park

Selwyn St, Albion

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In 1925 the hunt was on for recreations grounds in the Shire of Braybrook. One such site was Selwyn Park west of Adelaide St. It was an vacant park left as part of a subdivision. It was also still private property belonging to the McKay's but the land had already been surveyed as a football ground.

Council wrote to the Hugh McKay & Sons Pty Ltd regarding their intention of the reserve and in 1926 after a year of negotiations, the Council acquired the land for 1000 pounds.


Two conditions were attached to the land transfer including McKays completing the road and channeling around the reserve within a reasonable time frame with Council contributing half the cost and Council to fence and clean the site and make it suitable for recreation use and to beautify the area.

Another unusual hurdle was the fact the land was called a park and this term had a special legal significance in that it was not lawful to charge admission to a park therefore the land had be changed on title to a reserve.

The park was named after Hugh Victor McKay's son Hubert "Selwyn" (b1895 d1913) who was a well known and promising Scotch College athlete.

The octagon shape of the reserve is the most identifiable shape on maps of Albion.

Over the years the ground has had a number of grandstands and club rooms. The first grandstand was opened by the Sunshine Football Club on the 22nd June 1929. This grandstand was replaced in the mid 1950's with a new one that was based on the one erected at Sandringham. This grandstand has since been demolished and the site cleared. Unfortunately since the ground was established a public grandstand is no longer present at the ground. A new building was built adjacent to the grandstand site in 2019 / 2020. The Sunshine United Cricket Club rooms has been named after Norm McGrath, a founding member of the cricket club.

Selwyn Park has been occupied by tenants such as the Sunshine Football Club, Sunshine Cricket Club, Sunshine Uniting Cricket Club, Sunshine Baseball Club, Albion Tennis Club, George Cross Soccer Club and the Albion Rovers Soccer Club. It has also been used by a number of athletic groups including St. Marks Athletic Club and a group of professional runners. The ground has seen many local school sports days held there. In a bygone era it was also a popular location for bon fires on Guy Fawkes night.

The recreation ground is still being used by sporting clubs. It has also become a popular attraction spot for individuals & families to exercise or to enjoy the playgrounds and BBQ's. The ground also provides easy access to the Kororoit Creek Trail.

Ref: Sunshine Advocate

Photos: S&DHS

Photos: 1860 - 1960 Sunshine Illustrated

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