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Albion Quarry

Hulett St, Albion

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The first quarrying operations at the site was started by the Wales family in 1888.


In 1907, the Albion Quarry Company was formed as a partnership to quarry stone at Albion. The partnership consisted of Alexander Wales, James Watter, Peter Rumpf, Thomas Adams and two sons of Alexander Wales, William Wright Wales and Alexander George Wales (now Sir George Wales). Alexander George wales went onto becoming the company's managing director for many years and the City of Melbourne Lord Mayor.

The high quality blue stone rock quarried from the site was used in road construction, railway line ballast and for buildings including city buildings, public buildings, schools, bridges and private homes.

In 1955, the Albion site was the only site in Australia who was operating the German built "Wibau" hot asphalting plant that produced more stable mixes of asphalt.

In January 1965, Boral, one of Australia's well known asphalt companies acquired both the Albion Quarry and the Reid Quarry and these operations were merged to become known as the Albion Reid Pty Ltd.

At one stage the Albion Quarrying Company was the largest producer of quarry products in the Commonwealth and the quarry hole the largest in Australia.

Australia's rock band AC/DC filmed their music clip for their hit song "Jailbreak" in the quarry in 1976.

When quarrying operations ceased at the site, the quarry hole was used for many years as the Sunshine Tip where vasts quantities of chemical, industrial, household & radioactive waste was dumped up until 1990.


Later, an electricity generating station was installed on the site but there was not enough methane gas to keep it operating.

The Brimbank Council took over the direct responsibility of managing the remediation of the site in July 2011. These works including importing and compacting clean fill across the site and providing an capping barrier on the surface.

The site is now now known as the Sunshine Energy Park and is waiting redevelopment.

In 2019, the former quarry hit the new's headlines due to contamination to the surrounding grounds which is effecting 69 residential homes, 6 commercial properties and a community park.

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Photos: S&DHS

Photos: Quarry Co. Pty Ltd Golden 50 Years Jubilee

Sunshine Energy Park Opening Plaque Phot
Sunshine Energy Plant Albion Quarry Phot
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