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Deer Park Little Athletic Centre

Deer Park Little Athletics Club was formed on February 1974 under the guidance of Peter Bailey and was a founding club with the St Albans Little Athletics Centre. The programme was held at Errington Reserve, St Albans. In 1977 Peter Bailey led the formation of the Deer Park Little Athletics Centre (No. 110) with 3 clubs - St. Peter Chanel, Deer Park Central and Deer Park North - competing at Deer Park West Primary School, with 230 registrations. in 1978 the competition moved to Sassella Park, with 250 registrations where competition has remained to the is very day.

In 1979 the Centre welcomed the Falcons from the Albanvale area. The Centre successfully continued with registrations of up to 350 athletes per season. In 1990 the Centre welcomed Deer Park West. This meant that there were now five clubs in the Centre. Sadly the Deer Park North Club folded at the end of 1992/1993 season. The Centre continued with 4 Clubs for the next 6 seasons. Unfortunately the Falcons Club folded at the end of the 1998/1999 season. The Centre continued with 3 Clubs for the next season.

Some of the Deer Park athletes went on to win state title and represent Victoria. These athletes were: Warren Bentley, Tania Fallon, Christian Ellis, Simon Azzopardi, Drew Saynor, Alisha Saynor and Katie Williams. Christian Ellis captained the Victorian team during this time.

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