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Errington Reserve

Main Rd East, St. Albans

Errington Reserve Palm Tree Planting (Sun Adv 203.3) 1993 Photo 02.JPG
Errington Reserve Memorial Gates 2021 Ph
Errington Reserve Memorial Gates 2021 Ph

In 1910 six acres of land for a reserve was donated to the people of St. Albans by Alice Errington. The land would provide recreation facilities for the communities of two shires, Braybrook & Keilor. The land was located in the Shire of Braybrook on the south side of Boundary Rd (now Main Rd East) with the Shire of Keilor on the north side.


For many years the reserve was the only recreation ground in the township of St. Albans. 

In 1929 the Trustees of the Reserve offered to invest the land to Braybrook Council. This decision was driven by the fact that technically the reserve was still private property and was subject to rates and costs for making of the roads abutting the reserve. One condition of this agreement was the land to remain for the use by the community.

Over the years the reserve has been the home of tennis, football, cricket & scout clubs. It has hosted many open air and carnival events. In the 1950's the St. Albans Community Youth Club built their tin shed on the north - west corner of the reserve using a former Army Nissan (Quonset) hut.

The Brimbank City Council has also used the reserve for it's Meals on Wheels service to the local community.

Mrs Alice Erringting died in 1931 and in 1937 wrought iron Memorial Gates were installed at the entrance to the reserve in her honor.

There were plans by the City of Sunshine to sell part of the site on the North - East corner to McDonalds. These plans were subsequently abandoned after considerable strong protest from the community.

The Brimbank Council has completed some significant upgrades to the reserve over recent years including building the Children's Adventure Playground (2013), St. Albans Community Centre & Bowery Theatre (2017), Community Sports Pavilion & four new Tennis Courts (2020) and resurfacing of the Football Ground (2021).

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Errington Reserve Memorial Gates 2021 Ph
Errington Reserve Community Sporting Roo
Errington Reserve Tennis Club 2021 Photo
Errington Reserve Scout Club 2021 Photo
Errington Reserve Adventure Playground 2
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