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H.V. McKay Memorial Gardens Oak Tree Walk

H.V. McKay's Garden Oak Tree Walk Map.jpg
H.V. McKay's Garden Oak Tree Walk Text.jpg

Note: This brochure was prepared a number of years ago and the details may now be out of date. 

For further information on the gardens please contact.


The Friends of the HV McKay Gardens

1. Hybrid Algerian Oak Trees.

2. The Bowling Green Lawn.

3. Presbyterian Church Manse.

4. Cast Iron Gates & Blue Stone Pillars.

5. McKay Memorial Rose Gardens.

6. Memorial Mosaic.

7. "Straight Six" Path.

8. Remains of Blue Stone Path System.

9. Sign outlining a brief history of the Gardens.

10. Canary Island Palms.

11. Norfolk Island Pine.

12. Southern Magnolia Tree.

13. Giant White Bird of Paradise plant.

14. Sign notes on the early Curators of the Gardens.

15. Bunya Pine.

16. H.V. McKay Footbridge.

17. South Walk Formal Path.

18. Sunshine Presbyterian Church.

19. H.V. McKay Memorial Gardens Tribute Sign.

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