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Albion Railway Station (1889 - 1919)

St. Albans Rd, Sunshine North

Albion Station (1859 - 1861) Sunshine North 2022 Photo 03.JPG
Albion Station (1859 - 1861) Sunshine North 2022 Photo 01.JPG
Albion Station (1859 - 1861) Sunshine North 2022 Photo 04.JPG

Albion Station (1889 - 1919)


Location: St. Albans Rd, Sunshine North.

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): – 15.13km (9.4 miles).

The station was named after the nearby Albion Quarrying Company.


Key Dates:

1889 – Railways Commissioners received a request from the St. Albans Line Travellers League asking for a new station between Braybrook Junction and St. Albans. Previously the former Albion – Darlington Railway Station existed at Ballarat Rd but this was closed in 1861.

1890 – Station Master’s house and platforms are completed.

1891 – Albion Railway Station opens.

1892 – A red flag was placed in a box on the train for passengers to use if they wanted to stop at this station.

1898 – The old station buildings were sold to Mr O’Connor.

1913 – Shelter sheds were erected as platform buildings.

1919 – The Albion Railway Station closed.


Ref: Fifteen Railway Stations of the West (Footscray to Sunbury) by Tom Rigg January 2009.

Ref: Names of Victorian Railway Stations by Mr. Thomas O'Callaghan J.P. 1918

Photo: S&DHS.

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