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Deer Park Railway Station (1899 - Current)

Railway Parade, Deer Park

Deer Park Station (b1899 – Current)


Location: Railway Parade, Deer Park.

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): - 17.83km (11.07 miles).


Key Dates:

1899 – The Kororoit Station was renamed to Deer Park.

1913 – The signal box was closed.

1943 – The signal box was reopened when the Ravenall siding was opened.

1974 – The new island platform opens and the signal box closed.

2009 – Upgrades to the station is completed including new lighting and car parking.


Station Masters:

Unmanned station.


Ref: Wikipedia.

Photos: S&DHS.

Deer Park Railway Station (Sun Adv 514) Photo 01.JPG
Deer Park Railway Station (Sun Adv 514) 1988 Photo 02.JPG
Deer Park Railway Station 2021 Photo 01.
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