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Ginifer Railway Station (1982 - 2016)

Furlong Rd, St. Albans

Ginifer Station (1982 – 2016)


Location: St. Albans Rd, St. Albans.

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): – 16.215km (10.7 miles). This station was located opposite Mulhall Drive.


Key Dates:

1966 – The need for a station between Albion and St. Albans is raised in the Victorian Parliament by Jack Ginifer (MLA). Flashing lights and bells are provided at the Furlong Rd crossing.

1973 – Sunshine Council suggests that the station being proposed at Furlong Rd should be named “Sheperd” after the former Labour Member for Footscray.

1979 – The St. Albans South Progress Association presents a petition with 1200 signatures that a railway station should be built near Furlong Rd.

1982 – The Ginifer Station opens.

1985 – Traffic lights installed at Furlong Rd and St. Albans Rd.

1989 – New offices (portables) and gardens are completed.

2016 – The Station is closed and platform is removed. A new station is built closer to Furlong Rd as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project.


Station Masters:

Unmanned station.


Ref: Fifteen Railway Stations of the West (Footscray to Sunbury) by Tom Rigg January 2009.

Photos: S&DHS

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