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Albion Common School No 6
Duke St, Albion (Old)

The Albion Common School was established by the Church of England 1855.


The school was located in Duke St between Somerset and Lancaster Streets, Albion (Old), now Sunshine North. 

The school was made from the local blue stone.

Miss. Olivia Graham was the school's first teacher. For the first year the school's average attendance consisted of 11 girls and 14 boys.

On the morning of the 30th July 1868, at about 3:00am, the school was destroyed by a fire.

In 1869 the teacher was A.W. White.


The school closed in 1872 and was demolished. The site became a quarry.


The school was replaced by the new Braybrook State School which was located in Ballarat Rd. 

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