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St. Albans Public Hall

East Esplanade, St. Albans

St. Albans Public Hall Photo 01.jpg

The St. Albans Public Hall was built in 1906 . It was a 12 x 7 metres wooden building consisting of a public hall, a stage area and two dressing rooms.

The hall became known as the Mechanics Institute.

Over the years the hall has been used for church congregations, library, concerts, dances, picture shows, meetings, birthdays, weddings, fund raising events, WW2 training activities and many other community events.

At one stage the hall was the St. Albans Infant Welfare Centre and Public Library.

In 1956 the original timber building was replaced with a brick building.

The stops at the front of the hall are now being used as Dental Clinic and Hair & Beauty Shop.

At one stage, there was a strong push by a local Councilor to demolish the hall and convert the area into car parking.

The St Albans center of community functions are now held in the St. Albans Community Centre - Bowery Theatre in Princess St adjacent to Errington Reserve.

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