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Sydenham Presbyterian Church
Keilor - Melton Road, Sydenham

Sydenham Presbryterian Church Keilor - Melton Rd Sydenham 1991 Photo 01.JPG

The Sydenham Presbyterian Church was the only church in Sydenham. It was located on the Keilor - Melton Road beside the old Sydenham Public Hall & Oval.

The minister of the church shared his time between Deer Park. St. Albans and  Sydenham.

The church closed in 1977 when the Uniting Church was formed.

In the mid 1980's the church building was being used as a temporary scout hall and all of the church's contents including its pews, communion table and hymn books were packed in the rear storage room. All these items have since disappeared.

The church building soon fell in disrepair and through vandalism and fires it was decided to demolish the building in 1992.

Ref: The Advocate 6th November 1991

Photos: The Advocate 6th November 1991


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