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Wooden Bridge

Arundel Rd, Keilor

Arundel Road Bridge Photo 01.jpg
Arundel Rd Bridge Photo 06.JPG

The Arundel Rd Trestle Bridge openned to traffic in 1904. The bridge was constructed from timber consisting of nine timber beam spans on timber trestle piers.

In the 1980's, the condition of the bridge deteriorated and became unsafe for the ever increasing traffic volume and weight. In 1989 the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic when a new concrete bridge opened.

After the closure of the bridge it deteriorated further due to vandalism  which included the removal of planking and rails. At one stage the bridges was to be demolished but subject to local campaign funding was obtained from Local & State Governments for it's restoration. The restoration was completed during 1996 - 1997 and the bridge was reopened for pedestrian traffic only.


Unfortunately, the condition of the bridge further deteriorated and was closed to all traffic.

During the extreme floods of October 2022, the bridge was washed away with only a short section on the northern bank remaining. In future this section will most likely be demolished due to safety risks.

Ref: Victorian Heritage Database

Photos: City of Keilor Centenary Souvenir 1863 to 1963

Phots: S&DHS

Arundel Rd Bridge Photo 05.JPG
Arundel Rd Bridge Photo 09.JPG
Arundel Rd Wooden Bridge Flood 2022 Photo 03.JPG
Arundel Rd Wooden Bridge Flood 2022 Photo 25.JPG
Arundel Rd Wooden Bridge Flood 2022 Photo 27.JPG
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