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Sunshine Methodist Church

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The first Methodist Church in Sunshine opened on the 10th March 1910 and was part of the Footscray Circuit.

In 1919, the church was excised from the Footscray Circuit and it became to be known as the Sunshine Methodist Church


In the mid 1950's, the existing wooden church & hall and tennis courts were relocated across the road on the present site of the Nelson Bros Funeral Parlour is while the current brick church was built. Both of these buildings were badly damaged by fire while located at this site.


The new brick church building opened on the 1st March 1959. The hall in Withers St opened on the 18th August 1968.

Over the years the Wayside Market, Wayside Opportunity Shop, Uniting Care Market, Wayside Snack Bar, Crossroad Coffee Shop and Devonshire House Tea Rooms have all operated on this site.

With the establishment of the Uniting Church Movement the Methodist Church was renamed to the Sunshine Uniting Church.


1919            Rev. Sherlock

1920 - 1921 Rev. F.E. Haynes

1922 - 1923 Rev. Cecil Herbert Poxon

1924 - 1924 Rev. R.H. Howie

1925 -1 926 Rev. Alfred Ernest Brownbill

1930 - 1932 Rev. Harry Alfred Dennis

1933 - 1935 Rev. George Rowse Godbehear

1936 - 1936 Rev. Arthur Ashley Lyons

1939 - 1940 Rev. Vivian Roy Bradbury

1941 - 1944 Rev. Horace Alfred Michell

1945 - 1949 Rev. Alfred Hugh Small

1950 - 1955 Rev. J.B. Longthorn

1955 - 1959 Rev. E.V. Saynor

1960 - 1965 Rev. John Paterson Thomas

1966 - 1976 Rev. John Essington Blacker

1976 - 1981 Rev. D. Pentecost

1981 - 1990 Rev. M. Hay

1991 - 1996 Rev. I. Papworth

1999 - 2003 Rev. D. Eland

2005 - Rev. G. Morris

Other minister in the Circuit / Parish were

Rev. J. Connan, Rev. C. Knox, Rev. S.L. Gorfine, Rev. K Bingham, Rev. P. Audemard, Rev. M. White, Re. R. Myers, Rev. Barry Brown, Joe Rankin, John Carter, Peter Cameron, Rev. Don Forrest, Chris Johnson & Rev. P. Te'o

Ref: Sunshine Uniting Church Centenary 1910 - 2010

Photos: S&DHS

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