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Photo Gallery - McKay Massey-Harris (Ferguson) Employees

Anderson, Col - Carpenter

Anderson, Roy - Blacksmith

Anderson, Tom - Truck Driver

Ankers, Bert

Baglin, L. - Expert Factory Chaser

Bagnall, Joe - Leading Hand, No. 11 Toolshop

Baker, George - Ballarat Foreman

Barclay, Reg - Reclamation

Barton, Jim - Dups Office

Bell, Guy - Dups Dept

Bennett, Fred - Spring Shop

Berryman, Les - Quality Control

Black, Dave - Dups Office

Boddington, Norm - Dups Publications

Buckingham, Peter - Methods Study

Busby, Charlie - Quality Control

Caddick, Harry - Leading Hand, Sheet Metal, Machinist

Carson, Norm - Plough Assemblers

Clarke, Arthur - Dups Dept

Clemson, Howard - Methods & Industrial Officer, Personnel Manager

Clifton, Vic - Steel Mill

Condor, Clarrie- Steel Mill Operator

Coombs, Bill - Cutting-up Shop, Operator & Checker

Cooper, Wilton - Parts Department & Office

Corsey, Bert - Core Shop

Day, Les - Wood Mill

Dedrick, Arthur - Methods Engineer, Supplier Shop, Foreman

Denison, A - Leading Hand, MC Shop

Devenson, Fred - Vehicle Transit Department

Devers, Bill - Factory Office, Time Keeper

Doherty, Harold - Field Expert & Assembly Floor

D'Ombrain, Ted - Parts Department

Donald, Norm - Sales

Dorgan, Dan - Sales and Parts Department

Drake, Tom - Methods Study

Enever, Alan - Parts Storeman

Ewer, Les - Field Expert & Sub-Foreman

Fisher, Jim - Ballarat Shop, MC Shop

Forbes, Bill - MC Shop

Fowler, Les - Factory Parts

Fraser, Harry - Sub Foreman, Sheet Iron Machinist

Galbraith, Alex - Metallurgist

Gamble, N. - Machine Shop

Garrick, David – Carpenter

Gilham, Ray - Parts Department Office

Gilmour, Alex - Binder Shop, MC

Gilson, Dave - Parts & Mailman

Gist, Hugh - Tyne & Blacksmith

Grant, Bert - Foreman- Gate 51 Shop

Green, Dave - Factory Parts Department

Guest, Jim - No.11 Tool Room Machinist

Hales, Bert – Carpenter

Hales, Charlie - Bindershop, Watchman, Gatekeeper

Halestead, Bert - Capenters Shop, Factory Parts

Ham,Wally - Foreman, Maintenance

Hancock, Norm - Sales & Parts

Hayes, Frank - Ballarat Shop & Fitters

Hayes, Nat - Leading Hand, Ballarat Shop

Hollingshead, Ted - No 11 Tool Shop Foreman, Tool Design

Hollins, Bob - Ass. Fireman, Spring & Tine Shop

Holloway, Percy - Field Expert, Engineering Department

Holmes, Jim - Engine Fitter, Leading Hand & Test Bench

Hopkins, Jeff - Sales & Parts

Jones, Bob - Bulk Store

Jones, Les – Carpenter

Karlberg, Claude - Carpenter

Kellett, Jim - Carpenter

Kelly, Charie

Kennedy, Joe - Staff Paymaster

Kindred, Jim - Electrician

King, Dave - Sales Dups Office

Kirk, Charlie - Factory Programing Officer

Lamont, Bill - Truck Driver

Lancaster, L. - Binder Shop & Inspection

Landers, Curly - Tractor Transport Crane Driver

Lax, Jack - Machine Shop

Learmonth, Alex - Fitter & Turner, Parts Department, Procurement

Long, F.

Long, H. - Leading Hand No. 11 Tool shop, Sub-Foreman, Sheet Metal Machinist

Louden, Charlie or Lowe, Charlie - Factory Parts

Lowe, Charlie or Louden, Charlie - Factory Parts

Lowe, Stan - Capenters Department

Lownie, R.

Lynch, Fred - Factory Office

Mason, Bill - Sales Officer

Mason, J. - Foreman, Dispatch

Masters, Laurie - Factory Paymaster

Mather, Percy - MC Shop, Tool Storeman

Matherson, Jack - Fitter & Turner

McCrae, Jack - Maintenance, Machinist

McCulloch, Jim - Parts Department

McFadyen, C. - Binder Expert, Parts Department

McKenzie, Ted - Chaser, Supervisor

McKeown, Bill - Assistant Foreman, Electric Welders

McKinnon, Norm - Carpenters Department

McLeod, Rex - Pay Office Personnel Officer

McPherson, Don - Sheet Metal Bench

Menhennitt, Harry - Field expert, Fitter Engineer

Mills, Alan - Foundry Moulder

Mitchell, Bill - Factory Office Programming

Mitchell, Sam – Maintenance

Neighbour, N. - Factory Carpenters Department

Neyland, Bert - Factory Office Accountant

Nunn, Percy - Fitter, Ballarat Shop

Oataway, Norm - Field expert, Engineering Department

Paterson, Tom - Tool Shop, Assistant Foreman Quality Control

Paton, Alec - Leading hand, Binder Shop, Factory Parts

Pearce, Bill - Factory Carpenters Department

Penrose, Dick - Programming Officer

Pettifer, Jim - Machinist, Ballarat Shop

Poigndester, Jack - Assistant Foreman, Dip & Spray

Polan, Jack

Poole, A. - Gate Shop

Potter, Lew - Machinist, Machine Shop

Prince, W. - Foreman, Bulk Store

Raymond, Jack - Leading Hand, Maintenance

Rayner, Ernie - Transport Driver

Reardon, Len - Machinist, No. 7 Tool Shop

Reid, Georg - Fitter, Ballarat Shop

Rewell, Ivy - Assistant Forelady, Canvas Room

Richards, Ted - Factory Office, Weighbridge

Rinder, Syd

Rossiter, Claude

Ryan, Leo - Bulk Store

Saunders, Alex - Foreman, Annealing

Schmidt, Hec - Staff Officer & Employment, Binder Shop

Scrivener, Syd - Fitter & Expert, Inspection

Sheargold, Fred - Blacksmith, Binder Shop

Simpson, Bob - Binder Shop, Engineering Fitter

Simpson, Bonnie - Engineering Department Office

Simpson, Jack - Sheet Metal Machinist

Smeardon, Chas - MC Shop Machinist

Snaith, Archie - Carpenter, Transport Repair

Spilllane, Olive - Secretary to Works Manager

Steele, Bill – Moulder

Stockdale, Ernie - Transport Driver, Binder Shop

Styles, Tom - Blacksmith, Machinist

Sully, David Herbert 'Herb' - Foreman, Factory Building Maintenance

Taylor, Howard - Field Advisor & Engineering Department

Thompson, Jim - Assistant Foreman, Woodmill

Thompson, Joe - Sales Office

Topp, Curly- Carpenters Shop, Overhead Crane Driver

Underhill, Len

Unknown 01

Walker, Jim - Factory Parts, Carpenter

Walker, Joe - Sheet Metal Bench

Watson, Bill - Printing Department

Watson, Ivy - Factory Office Secretary

Weaver, Harry - Factory Carpenters, Woodmill Inspection

Webb, Lin - Factory Carpenters

Widdy, Arthur – Inspection

Wilkinson, Russell - Steel Mill & Office Cleaner

Williams, Geoff - Parts Department

Williams, Syd - Cutting Shop

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