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ICI Deer Park

ICI Deer Park Landmarks Cropped.jpg

ICI was a former significant industrial company in the district with the origins of this site dating back to the 1870's.


Whilst this is not a formal heritage trail we have included these landmarks for information purposes. 


Much of the features are on private land and are non accessible to the general public.


This site is under redevelopment and many of these landmarks have been demolished or will be.

Landmarks identified in the ICI Contrast & Continuity Booklet

1. Films

2. Specialty Chemicals

3. Engineering Plastics

4. Vinyl Plastics

5. Polyurethanes

6. Adhesives and Resins

7. Initiating Explosive Systems

8. Quarry Services

9. Site Engineering

10. Gate 6 Tilburn Road

11. Gate 3 Ballarat Road

12. Western Ring Road

13. Conference Centre

14. Kororoit Creek

15. Station Road

16. Mr Derrimut Road

17. Fitzgerald Road

18. Melbourne - Ballarat Railway Line

19. Shot Tower

20. Nobel Boiler Stack

21. Old Magazine Site

Download ICI Contrasts and Continuity Booklet

Landmarks not included in the ICI Contrast & Continuity Booklet

a. Location of Early Factory

b. Factory Entrance

c. Factory Entrance

d. Nobel Building

e. White House

f. Site Managers and Staff Residences.

g. Site Managers and Staff Residences.

h. Deer Park hall.

i. ICI Social Club.

j. The Hunt Club

k. Railway Siding

l. ICI Employees Housing Estate

m. Internal bridge across Kororoit Creek

n. Black Powder Mill

o. Lodge

p. Hospital

q. Bomb Shelter & First Aid / Medical Centre

r. State Electricity Commission of Victoria (S.E.C.V.) Substation

s. Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works (M.M.B.W.) Pump Station

t. Mess-Hall (Used by the Sunshine Community Theatre Inc – The Deer Park Drama Group "Powderkeg Players")

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