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Sydenham Railway Station (1887 - 2002)

Keilor - Melton Rd, Sydenham

Sydenham Station (1887 – 2002)


Location: Keilor – Melton Rd, Sydenham.

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): – 23.966km (14.88 miles).


Key Dates:

1887 –The Keilor Rd Station is renamed to Sydenham. A Telegraph office is opened at the station.

1901 – A signal box and booking office are completed.

1912 – New station building is built.

1930 – The station master’s position is abolished and replaced with porters.

1984 – Discussions took place between V-Line, M.M.B.W, the Bond Corporation and Keilor Council regarding the relocation of the station.

2002 – A new station is built 750 metres toward St. Albans and is called “Watergardens”. The original station is closed. Traffic lights are installed at the Melton Rd crossing.

2018 - The Keilor - Melton Rd (Melton Hwy) level crossing was removed.


Station Masters:

1901 – Timothy Gleeson.

1904 – William John Sullivan.

1906 – Francis James Ryan (acting).

1907 – Thomas Edward Heaney.

1911 – David King O’Gorman.

1912 – James Austin Hanrahan.

1921 – Dennis Greelish.

1923 – Thomas Bowden.

Bottom three photos are of the memorial of the Keilor - Melton Rd Level Crossing that was removed in 2018.


Ref: Fifteen Railway Stations of the West (Footscray to Sunbury) by Tom Rigg January 2009.

Photos: City of Keilor Centenary Souvenir 1863 - 1963

Photos: S&DHS.

Sydenham Railway Station Photo 01.jpg
Sydenham Railway Station (Sun Adv 120) 1999 Photo 01.JPG
Sydenham Railway Station 2021 Photo 01.J
Melton Rd Level Crossing Removal Memoria
Melton Rd Level Crossing Removal Memoria
Melton Rd Level Crossing Removal Memoria
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