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St. Albans Quarry

McKechnie St, St. Albans

McKechnie Reserve St. Albans 2021 Photo
McKechnie Reserve St. Albans 2021 Photo

The St. Albans quarry opened in 1912 and operated until the blue stone run out just before the second world war. At one stage it was the only industrial site in St. Albans and was surrounded by the local the farms, residential allotments and railway line.


Over the many years of operating there were many complaints to council regarding noise, dust and the damaged done to the local roads by the heavy trucks coming to and from the site.

To reduce the number the heavy vehicles a railway siding was extended into the site.

The quarry has been the site a number of serious accidents including one to it's the last manager Mr Self (of Self Bros and Goddard). He never fully recovered from the accident but went to successfully manage Self Bros and Goddard Store.

The quarry ceased operations in 1935 and all of it's plant, machinery and buildings were auctioned off in1939.

After the tip closed and against many community objections the quarry hole was turned into a tip.

The site is now a soccer ground with club rooms.

Ref: St. Albans The First Hundred Years 1887 - 1987

Photos: S&DHS

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