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Sunshine City Band Hall

Wright St, Sunshine

Sunshine City Band Hall.jpg

The Sunshine District Band was formed in June 1928 and in 1952 this hall was built by the band members who volunteered their labour.

In 2002 the Sunshine District Band was renamed as the Sunshine Community Brass in 2002.

Besides being a place for the band to meet and rehearsals the hall was also a popular spot for birthday parties.


Unfortunately the building was burnt down by a fire 2006.


After the fire the band moved to the Thomas Hall, 45 Furlong Road North Sunshine.

Ref: Sunshine Community Brass

Photos: S&DHS

Sunshine City Band 1958 Photo 01.jpg
Berkshire Rd 49 North Sunshine - Bandhal

New Sunshine Community Brass Hall

 Thomas Hall, 47 Furlong Road North Sunshine

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