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Sydenham War Memorial
Watergardens Shopping Centre
Station St, Sydenham

Sydenham Recreation Hall & Memorial Gate (Sun Adv 575) 1988 Photo 01.JPG
Sydenham War Memorial 2021 Photo 01.JPG
Sydenham War Memorial 2021 Photo 06.JPG
Sydenham War Memorial 2021 Photo 07.JPG

The Sydenham War Memorial lists the names of Sydenham soldiers who served in the armed forces during WW1 & WW2.

The original location of of the Sydenham War Memorial & Gates were located near the Sydenham Public Hall.

After the hall closed in 1988, the gates were stolen and the damaged plaques were stored in a safe place by the Council.


In 2000, the plaques were installed at the new Sydenham Community Centre which was built on the former public hall site.

In 2008, the plaques were once again relocated in to a site opposite the new Watergardens Railway Station.

The Sydenham World War I honour roll has since been relocated to the Keilor East RSL, Hoffmans Rd, Essendon.


Ref: Star Community Newpaper 3rd May 2008

Photos: S&DHS


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