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Sunshine Roman Catholic Church

(Our Lady of the Immaculate)

92 Monash St, Sunshine

Sunshine Roman Catholic Church Monash St
Our Lady's Catholic Church Monash St Sunshine 1939 Photo 01.jpg

In 1928, The Catholic Church acquired the property in Monash St to build a wooden church. In 1939 this wooden church was destroyed by a fire.

The building was insured but the payout would be no where the amount required to rebuild the church. Fortunately the local catholic congregation had worked very hard in previous years to raise funds for a proposed new brick church that together with the insurance payout, the congregation built a splendid brick church.

The brick church also suffered another fire in 1954 when a fire broke out in the sacristy.

Parish Priests

1927 - 1935 Fr Patrick Fennessy

1935 - 1949 Fr Francis "Frank" Ryder

1949 - 1956 Fr James Egan

1956 - 1987 Fr Bernard Murphy

1987 - 1996 Fr Brendan Lane

1996 - 2002 Fr Lewy Keelty OMI

2002 - 2007 Fr Harry Dyer OMI

2007 - 2008 Peter Hoang OMI (Administrator)

2008 - 2009 Fr Marcus Anandanpulle OMI

2009 - 2011 Fr John Maher OMI

2011 - 2015 Fr Peter Hoang OMI

2016 - Present Fr Peter Damien McKinley

Ref: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Website

Photos: S&DHS

Our Ladys Catholic Church Monash St Suns
Our Ladys Catholic Church Monash St Suns
Our Ladys Catholic Church Monash St Suns
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