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Deneys Drapery Store

1 - 3 City Place, Sunshine

Sun Cres Corner of City Place.jpg

The Deneys Drapery Store was one of the largest stores in Sunshine.

Ernest Joseph Muller owned the Muller's Men's Store at the same site prior to building the Deneys Store.

Many Sunshine residents have fond memories of shopping for school uniforms at the store.

John Norton and Danny Nolan were the chief window dressers for all the Deneys stores in Victoria. Another popular figure at the store was Mrs Nora Darcy 

The store was burnt down in 1978 and a new building was built in it's place. The original store's unique curvature around the corner of City Place and Sun Cres has been maintained.

Photos: S&DHS

Deneys Drapery Store.jpg
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