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Deer Park Hall

Station Rd, Deer Park

Deer Park Hall Station Rd Deer Park 2021 Photo 02.JPG
Deer Park Hall Station Rd Deer Park 2021 Photo 01.JPG
Deer Park Hall Station Rd Deer Park.JPG

The Deer Park hall was built for the Shire of Braybrook with a substantial donation from Nobel Australia. The impact of these additional funds allowed for a brick building to be constructed instead of a wooden one.

The architect was Mr. Mason and the builder Mr. Farnsworth. The hall opened on the 24th August 1935.


During 1942, it was used by the Deer Park State School after a fire destroyed their Ballarat Rd school building.

The hall has been used for many private and public functions. At one stage the hall was being used as a picture theatre.

The Deer Park Hall was not built as a memorial hall, but the hall is the last known location of the honour roll that records the names of service personnel of the Deer Park district that served in the Second World War.

Babb, E.        
Brown, R.        
Burns, D.        
Burns, R.        
Campbell, J.        
Carrick, E.        
Fisher, J.        
Foley, Frederick Angus Alexander (DFC)
Galea, C.        
Galea, J.        
Gray, D.        
Gray, K.        
Gray, R.    Paid Supreme Sacrifice    
Hanmer, T.        
Hunter, W.        
Mousley, L.        
Newman, E.        
Norris, R.        
Nylen, J.        
O'Brien, A.        
O'Brien, W.        
Robinson, E.        
Robinson, R.        
Salmond, Chris        
Stevens, D.        
Thomas, A.        
Thomas, A.        
Thomas F.        
Townsend, B.        
Ure, M.        
Vincent, K.        
Wilson, A.        
Wilson G.        
Woodhouse, J.  


Ref: Heritage Council Victoria

Photos: S&DHS

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