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Deer Park Swimming Pool
Sassalla Park, Station Rd, Deer Park

Deer Park Swimming Pool - 25th January 1983 Page 1.JPG

The Deer Park Swimming Pool was order to close in 1972 due to major leaks.

This closure caused a massive protest by the local residents including the support of a number of the local Councillors. They were flighting to have a new pool to be built at the same location however  they were not successful and a new pool was built in Taylors Rd Keilor Downs.

The old pool was demolished and the site is now used as a overflow car park when events are held at Sassella Park.

Photo: Sunshine Advocate 25th January 1983 Pg 1

Photo:  Melchior Bajada

Photo: S&DHS

Deer Park Swimming Pool, Station Rd, Dee
Deer Park Swimming Pool (Sun Adv 714) 1988 Photo 01.JPG
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