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Maidstone Railway Station (1861 - 1865)

Sunshine Rd, Tottenham

Maidstone Station (1861 – 1865)


Location: Sunbury Rd (Sunshine Rd), Braybrook (Tottenham).

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): – 11.26 km (approx.) (7 miles). The exact location of this is unknown but the distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station) places the stationnear where the Newport to Sunshine rail link crosses Sunshine Rd, Tottenham.


Key Dates:

1861 – The Maidstone Station opened for passage traffic.

1862 – A request by the local MLA wrote to the Secretary for the Railways requesting that the station be renamed to Braybrook. This request was denied.

1865 – The Station is closed and at some later date the platform and all signs of the station are removed.


Ref: Fifteen Railway Stations of the West (Footscray to Sunbury) by Tom Rigg January 2009.

Photos: S&DHS.

Maidstone Railway Station Location 2021

Approximate location of the Maidstone Railway Station. The raised goods yard in the background would have been a flat paddock when the station existed.

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