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White City Railway Station (1927 - 1981)

Sunshine Rd, Tottenham

White City Station (1927 – 1981)


Location: Sunshine Rd, Tottenham

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): – 9.65km (6 miles).


Key Dates:

1927 – The White City Station opens and is used for the first dog racing meeting at the White City Dog Track.

1955 – The White City Dog Track was closed.

1959 - The Olympic Cables Company which was located opposite the station wanted it to be renamed as "Olympic". This request was refused.

1981 – The station was closed and the platform removed.


Station Masters:

The station operated under “No one in charge” conditions.


Ref: Fifteen Railway Stations of the West (Footscray to Sunbury) by Tom Rigg January 2009.

Photos: S&DHS.

Photos: Weston Langford Railway Photography

White City Dog Track & White City Railway Station Photo 01.jpg

White City Railway Station in foreground and the White City Dog behind.

Tottenham Railway Station Platform 1962.jpg

Photo: Weston Langford Railway Photography

Weston Langford101317: White City

White City Railway Station Location 2021

The location of the former White City Railway Station. The existing rail tracks have been raised since the station was demolished.

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