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Sunvale Primary School

Neil St, Sunshine

Sunvale Primary School 2009 Photo 01.jpg
Sunvale Comunity Park 2021 Photo 01.JPG

The school was officially opened on the 9th October 1957.

Mr P. Bartels was appointed the temporary head teacher with a staff of five teachers and 214 students enrolled.


The first permanent head teacher Mr Kenneth Birt was appointed in 1957.

The school closed in 2009 and all buildings have since been demolished.


After strong lobbing by the local community for more parks in the area the site is now the Sunvale Community Park.

Ref: Sunvale Primany School 1957 - 1997 Siobban O'Brien

Photos: S&DSH


1957 Mr P. Bartels

1958 Mr K. Birt

1959 Mr K. Birt

1960 Mr K. Birt

1961 Mr K. Birt

1962 Mr K. Birt

1963 Mr K. Birt

1964 Mr K. Birt

1965 Mr K. Birt

1966 Mr S. Chambers

1967 Mr S. Chambers

1968 Mr S. Chambers

1969 Mr G. Pyde

1970 Mr G. Pye

1971 Mr G. Pye

1972 Mr A. Semple

1973 Mr A. Semple

1974 Mr J. Marlow

1975 Mr J. Marlow

1976 Mr L. Anstee (Acting)

1977 Mr F. Burtonclay

1978 Mr F. Burtonclay

1979 Mr F. Burtonclay

1980 Mr F. Burtonclay

1981 Mr F. Burtonclay

1982 Mr F. Burtonclay

1983 Mr W. Wales

1984 Mr R. Whitefield

1985 Mr R. Whitefield

1986 Mr R. Whitefield

1987 Mr R. Whitefield

1988 Mr R. Whitefield

1989 Mr R. Whitefield

1990 Mr R. Whitefield

1991 Mr R. Whitefield

1992 Mr R. Whitefield

1993 Mr R. Whitefield

1993 Ms J. Lewis (Acting)

1994 Mr A. Dash

1995 Mr A. Dash

1996 Mr A. Dash

1997 Mr A. Dash

Ref: Sunvale Primany School 1957 - 1997 Siobban O'Brien

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