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Sunshine City Ladies Bowling Club

Norma Fisher Memorial Shield 

Sunshine Ladies Bowling Club Norma Fishe

1994-95 - M. Gratt, J. Cram, L. Crouch, D. Triplett

1995-96 - J. Green, B. Robinson, E. Fowler, W. Miller

1996-97 - J. Hyde, A. McCaw, L. McMillen, S. Petzierides

1997-98 - J. Groves, T. Melvin, G. Trickey, M. Briggs

1998-99 - E. Fowler, G. Trickey, K. Lewis, B. Davis

1999-00 - L. Eleftheriou, A. McCaw, W. Miller

2000-01 - S. Eleftheriou, S. Taylor, J. Moug

Collection: S&DHS

Photo: S&DHS

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