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The Society was founded in 1972 with the purpose of encouraging the study and recording of the history of Sunshine and its district. Much work has already been achieved in preserving and cataloging items of history including letters, photos, plaques, trophies, newspapers, advertising signs and logos etc.  


This is a very long process and as usual there are too few people to do the work.  If you are a member with a spare few hours a week or fortnight or if you are considering becoming a member of the Society and have a little spare time, your assistance and companionship would be appreciated. 


You can also visit our contribution to the Victorian Collections


We are very chuffed that the Society's Life Member, Olwen Ford, author of Harvester Town and Harvester City was interviewed for the "Life Matters" program

To listen to the interview click this link:

The Sunshine & District Historical Society (S&DHS)

Hampshire Rd 109 - 117 Sunshine C1945 Photo 01.jpg

The Society has reopened after the Christmas break. Due to the installation of a new compactus system, access to the collection will be restricted until the end of April 2023.

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