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Membership & Voluteers

Membership Benefits

  • Free access to the Society's Collection.

  • Newletters

  • Access to the Members only pages on the Website

  • Meeting like minded people who have a passion for the District's history.

  • Help to preserve the history of the district by documenting your story or subjects of your interest.

  • Enjoy tours of the district and surrounding areas.

  • Enjoy presentations by quest speakers at the Society's events.

  • Enjoy the pioneer lunch with guest speakers.

Subscriptions Rates for 2022 - 2023 (renewable 1st July) are:


  • The Society runs on volunteers, whether if it being an elected official on the committee, a volunteer at the Sunshine Library Harvester Interpretive Centre, taking care of the collection at The Hunt Club Cottage, interviewing people, enjoy story telling about the history of the district as a volunteer guide, researching, processing book sales, Website updating, etc  The Society needs people who can spare a few hours each week to help out.

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