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Sunshine & District Historical Society Boundaries

The Society sets out to serve the people of the City of Brimbank.


This Society focus is on the former Municipality of Sunshine encompasses Albion, Ardeer, Braybrook, part of Brooklyn, Deer Park, Maidstone, Maribyrnong, part of St. Albans, Sunshine & Tottenham.

The original Braybrook Road District and the early Shire of Braybrook, (which became the City of Sunshine), extended as far as the Toolern Creek Near Melton, and this included the Rockbank district.

Naturally, we have an interest in the history of the area during the time when it was a part of the Braybrook unit of local Government, This area adjoining the western boundary of the City of Sunshine is now served by the Melton Historical Society.

To see how the postal boundaries have changed over the years as per the Sands & McDougall Directories "Click Here"


Source: Newsletter Series 2, No 3, 12th November 1993

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