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Donations of Material / Objects


The Society is always interested in anything to do with the history of the district. We welcome donations but our curator(s) have to be selective in the materials / objects they select to ensure our collection contains relevant items to the district. We also have other restrictions such as space and condition requirements.

On the receipt of materials we will enter into agreement with the donor regarding the materials and transfer of ownership.

The materials are then cataloged into the Society's Cataloging System for ease of searching and locating the material.

See our full conditions on donating materials / objects.

Monetary Donations

The Society is a non for profit organisation that relies on sales of books and being successful at wining grants.

All monetary donations are welcome and will be put to good use including maintaining and storage of the collection, purchasing of rare objects, photographing and reproducing rare documents, upgrading electronic hardward including computers, scanners, internet and webpage costs, etc.

Prior to donating materials / objects to the Society, please contact us first to discuss.

 Phone (03) 9249 4614 (Tuesday 10am - 2pm)

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