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Material Donation Policy

Donations of Material / Objects


The Society has a large collection of donated materials. Without the careful collection and preservation of such material, the generations of our future will not be able admire / study / be curious of our past history.


The Society welcomes donations but due to a number of reasons our curator(s) may have to be selective in the materials / objects they select. The curator(s) will consider the material / objects for it's relevance to the district, if there any existing holdings of the same item within the collection, space restrictions, the condition of the materials / objects, etc.

Prior to donating the materials / objects to the Society we recommend you speak to your family to ensure their wishes are considered in the donation.

On the receipt of materials we will enter into agreement with the donor regarding the materials and transfer of ownership by signing the "Deed of Gift" document.

From time to time and it is unfortunate and the decision is not taken lightly, the Society may have to dispose of some donations.

Please contact the Society for further information.

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