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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

  • To foster historical interests and knowledge, particularly but not exclusively in this district.

  • To collect, preserve and display items of historical interest in accordance with current policies of the Society.

  • To compile and keep a historical record of the district.

  • To work towards the establishment of a Museum.

  • To work for the preservation of buildings and objects of architectural and historical interest.

  • To publish and to assist in the publication of works of a historical nature.

  • To raise funds for the fulfillment of the above projects.

How did the Society Begin

At a Council meeting on the 14th April 1971, at the recommendation of Cr. Don McKay and seconded by Cr. Dick Toner, a motion was voted on that "The Sunshine Council to agree to sponsor a City of Sunshine Historical Society to mark the centenary of the Shire of Braybrook".


Mr Evan Pincus of Sunshine Library talked to people about Sunshine's history and the need for a historical society. He evoked a positive response. A meeting held on 11th December 1972 pass the following resolution:

"We, the citizens of Sunshine, hereby resolve to form the a Historical Society, to be called Sunshine and District Historical Society, and Mrs. O. Ford, and Messrs. E. Pincus, T. O'Brien are hereby authorised to make all necessary arrangements as a working committee for the formation of the Society, and report back to a further meeting in February, 1973". 


Interested people who attended the early meetings included;

Mr. Evan Pincus - City of Sunshine Library Staff

Mr. Valentin "Val" Brecel - City of Sunshine Library Staff

Mrs. Olwen Ford - Marian College Teacher

Ms. Edith Popp - Sunshine West High School Teacher

Mrs. Glad Crick - Long-term Resident

Mr. Viv McIntyre - Long-term Resident

Mrs. Jean Patten - Long-term Resident

Mr. Frank Ford - Sunshine High School Teacher

Mrs. Winifred Shilston - Long-term Resident

Mrs. Violet Perry - Long-term Resident

Mrs. Eileen Cox - Long-term Resident

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