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Avenues of Honour

Deer Park Avenue of Honor Ballarat Rd 2021 Photo 01.JPG
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Sun Cres Avenue of Honor Aerial View.jpg
Victoria Cres St. Albans 2023 Photo 03.jpg

Ballarat Rd, Deer Park

The Deer Park Avenue of Honour was located in Ballarat Rd between Station Rd and the Hunt Club.

The Desert Ash trees that became the Avenue of Honour were planted by the Council in 1946. The adjacent I.C.I Company then took up the responsibility of maintaining the trees.

The Avenue of Honour was officially opened on the 4th March 1950 to commemorate the 34 Deer Park men & women who served in WW2. Each tree had name plates fixed to them bearing the name of the ex-service person. A Honor Roll Board was also installed in the Deer Park Hall in Station Rd.

Unfortunately, there no name plates can be found can be found still attached to the trees but many of the trees can still be seen lining both sides of the Ballarat Rd South Side Service Rd.

Kevin Wheelahan Gardens Avenue of Honour, Sunshine

The Sunshine Avenue of Honour in the Kevin Wheelahan Gardens was officially opened on the 23rd April 2015 to commemorate the Sunshine men who served in WW1. A free standing plague at the start of the avenue off Devonshire Rd details each ex-service person's name. Upon completion, 1100 local children helped to dedicate the new Avenue of Honour


Sun Cres, Sunshine

The Sunshine Avenue of Honour was located in Sun Cres between Anderson Rd and Hampshire Rd.

The Avenue of Honour trees were planted in about 1917. Hugh Victor McKay donated 152 Cypress trees to commemorate the Sunshine men who served in WW1. Students from the Sunshine State School and the Sunshine Technical Boys School helped to the dig the holes for the trees. Each tree had name plates fixed to them bearing the name of the ex-service person.

Unfortunately, with the increase of motor vehicle traffic in Sun Cres many of the trees became dangerous road side objects. Some of the trees were removed to decrease this problem while others were removed after being vandalism. The last of the trees were removed in 1956.

Victoria Cres, St. Albans

The St. Albans Avenue of Honour was located on the West side of Victoria Cres between East Esplanade and Arthur Street.


Trees were planted in memory of the local service mem who served in the armed services during WW1. Each tree had a tree guard with a name plate attached.


Over the years a number of trees were removed and some were replaced but unfortunately now none of these trees and name plates have survived.

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