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Bulk Store
H.V. McKay's Factory, Sunshine

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McKay Bulk Store 1992 Photo 04.jpg
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Massey Ferguson (H.V. McKays) Bulk Store

(Built 1922 -1924)


With the closure of the Massey Ferguson (H.V. McKays) factory and the proposed redevelopment of the site into a retail shopping complex, the developers made an application to demolish the disused Bulk Store & Power House, despite the buildings being listed on the Victoria’s Heritage list of Registered Places.

This application outraged some of local community including past employees, their families, and their friends.

With the support from the Trades Hall Council, Members of Parliament, News Reporters, University Professors and Historians, a strong community campaign was launched against the demolition permit.

In January 1995, the Sunshine & District Historical Society together with the Living Museum of the West objected to the plans and summitted formal objections to the Historic Building Council.

In February 1995, the Historic Building Council rejected the developer’s application and in their media release stated “Together with the clock tower and the Russell Street Gates (now in storage), they are the only tangible reminders of what was once of Australia’s largest and most active industrial plants, employing 2000 – 3000 local people at its peak”.

At the time the building was saved, it’s condition was in disrepair and had been vandalised.

In 2003, the Brimbank Council advised the community that it had purchased a long term leasehold in order to provide a venue for a “One stop” Youth Centre.

A new modern office block has been built to the east that links to the old bulk store. Today, this complex is now known as the “Visy Care Hub” and provides youth services that target various needs, such as mental health, drug and alcohol use, young people from culturally diverse backgrounds, education, and employment.

Photos: S&DHS

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