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St. Albans Uniting Church

(Former Presbyterian Church)

Cnr Elaine St & East Esplanade, St. Albans

St. Albans Uniting Church (Former Presby

The Presbyterian Church was built in 1912.

The first couple to be married in the church were Leslie Lennard King & Mavis Maude Anderson, both being the children of local farmers.

In 1926, the Presbyterian Church built a tennis court at the rear of the church for "morall-appropriate recreation". The Linton Tennis Club is named after Mrs Jane Linton, a resident of St. Albans and the club's secretary and captain. Her husband Robert was a trustee of land for the Presbyterian Church in Linton, Victoria.

Today the church has very strong congregations for Pacific Islands and Vietnamese community members.

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Photos: S&DHS

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