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Cranwell Park

Cranwell St, Braybrook

Cranwell Park 2021 Photo 01.JPG

Name after Post Office & Storekeeper and Braybrook resident George Cranwell. He was the Shire of Braybrook President for one term 1914-1915. This reserve is now located in the City of Mairbrynong.

For many years this park was a dry, open and windswept park located in between offensive industries.  In recent years this park has become very popular with families who enjoy the adventure playground or sitting on the slopes overlooking the Maribyrnong River.


This part of the Maribyrnong is also the upper most point where Charles Grimes, Surveyor General of New South Wales reached on the 3rd February 1802 before being stopped by rocks. He camped that night on the flats on the other side of the river.

In late 2020, an all weather path has been constructed that links Cranwell St to the Maribyrnong River Trail.

Photos: S&DHS

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