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H.V. McKay's Office Block

H. V, McKay Office Building 2010 Photo 0

H.V. McKay's first offices were located on the north side of Devonshire Rd where the the main manufacturing plant was.


In 1909 a new main office block was built on the south side of Devonshire Rd. This office block was later replaced with this magnificent building which over time has housed the company's executives, experimental laboratories and design house.

McKay's Boardroom was located on the first floor where the building curves around from Devonshire Rd to overlooking the railway line.

In 1921 a clock tower, new show rooms and factory office block were built opposite on the north side of Devonshire Rd.

Photos: S&DHS

H.V. McKays Boardroom Devonshire Rd Sunshine (S&DHS Cat 126) 1927 Photo 01.jpg
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