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Kororoit Creek Swimming Holes

Big Hole Swimming Hole Kororiot Sreek Albion Photo 01.JPG

In addition to the Sunshine Swimming Pool at Albion and the adjacent informal spot there were many more informal swimming spots along the Kororoit Creek.

One was known as the "Little Hole" which was located in Anderson Road behind the Parsons & Lewis Horse Hair Factory. In 1929, the South Sunshine Swimming and Athletic Club was granted permission from the Braybrook Shire Council to use this swimming hole for training purposes. 


Further south in Sunshine at the end of Couper-Angus Grove & Boreham Street was another popular location.

In Deer Park there were also other popular spots including the large hole off Millbank Drive.

Photos: S&DHS

Photos: S&DHS

Kororiot Creek Big Hole Anderson Rd 28th
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