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Local Tragedies 1800's

The Sunshine District, like all districts has seen it's fair share of tragedies.

The most significant accident was the Sunshine Station Railway disaster in 1908. At that time it was Australia's worst railway accident. 

But there has been many more tragedies in the local district and whether these have been work site accidents, motor car accidents, level crossing accidents, drownings in the district's creeks & pools and murders. Other tragedies have not happen in the district but the families of the district has had to mourn these events.

A sample of these tragedies have been recorded in various Victorian papers.


Intoxication lead to the destruction of a strong and fine a man

Two bullock drivers killed


Dreadful accident


The Keilor murder case, John Kane


Black Thursday fires

Timber dray capsizes, Henry Delahey killed


Accident drowning, Kororoit Creek Rockbank, William Rusden


Bushrangers Sanders & Johnson, hold-up the Cropley's Farm & rape their servant girl, Mary Egan


Mariibyrnong River Toll Bridge Keilor, William Anderson


A child killed by swallowing a bean, Sarah Jane Seuling, Aged 5

Thomas Cahill's house destroyed by fire


The murder at Keilor, John Fairweather

A fire at Braybrook, Mr Kell's


Albion Commons School destroyed by fire


Keilor Fire


Salt Water River, boy John Clancy & man James Morris drowns


Fatal Accident, John Scott, Aged 63

Stabbing a Chinaman at Braybrook

Destructive fire at Maribyrnong

The Coroner - Accidentally drowned, Michael Brown, Aged 4


Fire at the Melbourne Meat Preservation Company Works


Scarlet Fever at Kororoit Creek


Fire at the Lithofracteur Works Maidstone


Matricide near Footscray

Fatal accident, Mary Corcoran, Aged 66


Nitro-Glycerine explosion, James Hodsman, Aged 50

Mr. C.B. Fisher employee drowns, William Edward Rolfe, Aged 17



Explosion of gun cotton, Charles Kampf, Aged 15

Water tank drowning, Meat Preservative Company, Maribyrnong, William Farrar, Aged 8


Inquest, determined suicide, George Hales, Aged 30

Mr. W. Taylor's woolshed fire


Killed by a stone, Patrick Harrigan, Aged 40


Drowned, William McIntosh, Aged 55


Another death by drowning, 'Billy' Workman

Fatal accident, Michael Fox, Aged 11


Hunt Club Hotel Fire

Awfully sudden death, Patrick 'Pat' Leddin, Aged 21


The peculiar death at Footscray, Alexander Watson, Aged 60

Alleged attempt to murder


Accident at a Footscray Millinery Factory, Dianna Newman, Aged 22

The Braybrook shooting affair, Death of the boy John Butterworth Peach, Aged 12

The fatal quarrel at Braybrook, Thomas Ryan


Extraordinary suicide at Kororoit Creek, A woman drowns herself and her infant, Charlotte Lacey

Dickson's Hotel Kororoit Creek, sudden death of Matthew Harrison


Fire at Keilor, another old land mark destroyed

The railway fatality at Braybrook, Benjamin Warner, Aged 39

Supposed suicide of a man, Thomas Strachan, Aged 30


Fatal accident at Stone Quarry, Hugh O'Brien

The Braybrook fatality, cause of death typhoid, Margaret Jane Roberts, Aged 2

Fell 18 feet to his death, Michael Connolly, Aged 50

Fatal accident at St. Albans, Patrick Ginane, Aged 19

The Braybrook Railway Fatality, Mary Goodwin, Aged 67


Terrible explosion, men killed, Galvin Alan Warnock aged 19, Alex Stewart aged 22 & John Alan Hearse aged 26

Fatal accident, Alfred Caesar Harold Berry, Aged 19

Empty house fire Hampshire Rd


The quarry explosion, Death of Daniel Reidy, Aged 34

South Braybrook house fire

The death of William Murphy

Fatal Steeplechasing Accident, An Amateur Rider Killed, William Thomas Kirkup Harrison, Aged 27

Seymour Street Braybrook South house fire

Fatality at Braybrook, George Lightfoot, Aged 62


Accident at an explosive factory, William Ross dies, Aged 23

The railway accident at Braybrook, death of the victim, Mrs June Taylor, Aged 75


A bridge on fire

The fatal gun accident at St. Albans, John Bristow Burrows, Age 23

Fire at Couche St Braybrook

Riding fatality at Deer Park, Thomas Gill, Aged 36

The Maidstone fire, death of Mrs Brundell


The Keilor drowning fatality, brothers David (Aged 10) & Joseph (Aged 8) Yates

The Keilor Plains fatality

Another man run over, Richard Delahey, Aged 48


Death by drowning, John David Dempster, Aged 15

Cottage fire near Solomon's Ford



Terrible explosion, one man killed, John O'Shannassy

Death of a cricket enthusiast, Henry Joyce, Aged 71

Thrown from a horse, Peter Harrick, Aged 29

Found drowned, Thomas O'Rourke

Another case of drowning, Joseph Coombes, Aged 73


A pig dealer's death, John Baker, Aged 66

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