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106 Monash St - Former Shop

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Monash St 106 Sunshine 2021 Photo 01.JPG

In 1925, Andrew Fox, the local estate agent, moved this shop from Hampshire Rd to Monash St, He converted the building into a shop with a residential dwelling at the rear.


Initially the shop was run by Mrs Bridget Howlett and her son Kevin. With the onset of the depression Mr & Mrs Fox took over the running of the shop.

1942 Fox, Mrs Catherine "Emily" - Confectionist

1942 Fox, Patrick Thomas

1945 Fox, Mrs Catherine "Emily" - Confectionist

1945 Fox, Patrick Thomas

1950 Fox, Mrs Catherine "Emily" - Confectionist

1950 Fox, Patrick Thomas

1955 Thacker, Clement Lealand Keith - Confectionist

1960 Connelly, F. - Confectionist

1965 Cholava, S. & I. - Confectionist

1970 Annisley, A. R. & R. - Confectionist

1974 Annisley, A. R. & R. - Confectionist

1977 Crawford, Ray & Raines, Patricia - Milk Bar / Grocery

1977 Vudrag, Savvo - Milk Bar / Mixed Business

Source: Sands & McDougall Directories

Source: City of Sunshine Health Act Regulations 1977

Ref: When The Whistle Blew, A Social History of The Town of Sunshine 1920 - 1950, Prue McGoldrick

Photo: S&DHS

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