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Nobel / ICIANZ Factory

NOBLE - ICI Aerial View Abt 1938 Photo 0
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ICI Entrance Ballarat Rd Deer Park Photo
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The Explosive Factory was originally built on the open plains of Deer Park in 1875 by the Jones, Scott & Co Company. It was located on the south side of Ballarat Rd with the boundaries of the site being the Kororoit Creek to the east, Station Rd to the west and Tilburn Rd to the south. It was taken over by Nobel's in 1897 and later renamed to ICIANZ in 1928.


The factory made chemicals and explosives for the mining industry and became one of the largest explosive, chemical and plastics manufacturers in Australia.

The factory also contributed to wartime production in ammunition, initiators and the development of synthetic ammonia production and construction of the Defence Explosives (The Albion Explosives Factory) during World War Two.

Over the years the factory has provided work for many Deer Park and residents from the local districts. The factory was responsible for the creation of the ICIANZ Social Club and building houses for it's workers.


The factory is no longer operating and much of the site has been demolished for the intention to redevelop the site. The site contains some heritage listed buildings.


The oldest building on site, the site manager's cottage "White House" was from the earliest days of the site. Over the years it has been converted into an office and later into a laboratory. Unfortunately due to it's previous use as a laboratory it was found to be contaminated with explosive residue and together with the materials used in it's construction the building had to be demolished.


The site around the the "White House" also contains some mature trees of historical significance that have been identified as early plantings from the late 19th & early 20th centuries. Some of these trees are English Elms and Peppercorn trees.

The other significant building on this section of the site is the 1930's Nobel Administration Building which was situated just to the north - east of the "White House" is still standing. Other significant buildings on the site are located in the former Leathercoth Factory off Station Rd.

Ref: Contour Town Planners - Planning Permit Application, Proposed Demolition of "White House" Building 765 Ballarat Rd, Deer Park.

Ref: Heritiage Council of Victoria.

Photos from the Top

The original entrance to the the site including the heritage listed entry gates. A roadway from this entrance took you over the Kororoit Creek before going up the hill to the 'White House" on the right and the Nobel Administration Building on the left.

One of the few remaining buildings on the site, the Nobel Administration Building.

The Ballarat Rd heavy vehicle eastern entrance to the factory. The bridge over the Kororoit Creek can be seen just before the road it heads up the hill.


The remains of a concrete driveway into one of the residential houses off Ballarat Rd. The driveway led to a rear of a house which can be seen in the bottom photo (4th house from the left).


Aerial Photo of the Nobel / ICIANZ taken in about 1937. All subjects of the previous photos can been in this photo.


 (Photo by Charles Daniel Pratt c1938 courtesy of the Victorian State Library)

ICI Photo 04.jpg
ICI Gates Ballarat Rd 28th March 2020 Ph
ICI Building Ballarat Rd 28th March 2020
ICI Old Resident Gounds 28th March 2020
ICI Main Entrance Ballarat Rd 28th March
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