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Old Cordite Ave


Maribyrnong River Bridge Cordite Ave Maribyrnong 1921 Photo 01.jpg

Old Cordite Ave is a section of Cordite Ave was closed when the multilane bridge to the south of the original bridge open.


A single lane bridge at the end of the road use to span the Maribyrnong River between Maribyrnong and Avondale Heights.

During World War 1, a sentry was placed at the bridge to help protect the nearby explosive factory. The sentry checked the password of the travelers who required to cross the bridge.

During World War 2 restrictions in the area were once again imposed by the way of a curfew and a boom placed across the river.

The narrow road remain including the center white line and wooden fence.

Photos: S&DHS

Old Cordite Ave 2021 Photo 04.JPG
Old Cordite Ave 2021 Photo 03.JPG
Old Cordite Ave Single Lane Bridge Abutm
Old Cordite Ave Single Lane Bridge Abutm
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