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Parsons & Lewis Horse Hair Curlers Factory
Andersons Rd, Sunshine

Parson & Lewis Horsehair Factory Photo 01.jpg

Edmund "Ted" Parsons and his business partner Richard Lewis established their first business in Victoria Street, Carlton.


In about 1892 they established a new factory in Andersons Road, Braybrook Junction. The site was on the banks of the Kororoit Creek which was idea due the amount of water that was required in horse hair curling process. The horse hair was used in the upholstery and mattress industries.

Edmund and Richard relocated a former Oregon framed blacksmith shop from the corner of Barkers Road & High Street, Kew (opposite the Kew Tram Depot) to their new factory site.

Edmund also purchased a terrace style house in nearby Morris Street.

In 1905, Edmund's son Joseph "Joe" Robert started working at his father's factory at the age of 12 years old.


Edmund died in 1918 and by 1920, Joe was managing the business. All Joe's three sons also worked in the business.

The Sunshine business closed in 1974 and its operations transferred to their Kensington site.

In 1988, after 100 years of continuous operations the Parsons family sold the business.

In 1987, the factory and adjoining house were demolished. The site is now a reserve.

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