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Sunshine's Tiny Town

During the King’s Birthday long weekend, I went for a lazy stroll around the streets of Sunshine’s industrial area, south of Wright Street. In the early years this region was known as Tiny Town. In the mid 1920’s there were approximately 20 houses in the area. Today very few houses remain with most being replaced with light industrial buildings. There are also a number of vacant blocks scattered throughout the area.

As I walked around the streets, I started to think who were these early residents. My curiosity led me to looking up a number of Sands & McDougall Directories and I found this information up to 1955.

1895 – Sinclair G. Dickson (Wright St).

1915 –Ernest Carpenter, David McInnes & George Fisher (First Ave), Alexander Fraser, Frederick Turner & Luke Loft (Wright St).

1925 – Hubert Hill, Sarah Fraser, Sydney Waghorne, Walter Hewitt, Jacob Hyett (First Ave), Frederick Stevens, Henry Badman, John Galbraith & Harold Brooks (Second Ave), Cyril Pontin, Norman Parsons, Walter Loft, Luke Loft, Albert Pairman, Reginald Hand, James Houlihan & Houlihan William (Wright St)

1935 – Walter Baker, Jacob Hyett, Herbert Betts, Leslie Southern, Maltese (First Ave), Frederick Stevens, Niel Nielsen, Daniel McNeill, Leslie Rowe, Horace Hills, William Brabon (Second Ave), Cyril Pontin, Norman Parsons, Walter Loft, Luke Loft, Oswald Murphy, Walter Thomas, William Moiler & Harold Weaver (Wright St).

1945 – William Sumner, Jacob Hyett, Rebecca Hewitt, William Lane, Thomas Priest, Sam Furrugia (First Ave), John Simpkins (Fourth Ave), Joseph Noble, Niel Nielsen, John Reeves, Leslie Rowe, William McDonald & William Brabon (Second Ave), Cyril Pontin, Norman Parsons, Mrs. I. Dickison, James Cramond, James Cairn, Walter Baker, John Haxby, William Moiler, Harold Mills & Alexander Hughan (Wright St).

1955 – Herbert Davy, Henry Thompson, V. Eichley (Central Ave), E. Pridmore, Mrs. C. Irvine, James Allen, Jacob Hyett, Rebecca Hewitt, William Lane, A. Nixon & Sam Furrugia (First Ave), William Greig (Fourth Ave), C. Bode, H. Davidson, L. Tonkin, Clifford Poole, W. Laughton, Stanley Hyde, Marion Frazer & Albert Drayton (Market Rd), Albert Howard & G. Begbie (Ormond Ave), Pawel Sobiech & Mrs. C. Fowler (Patterson Ave), E. Doyle, Niel Nielsen, John Feeney, R. Lee, Lydia McDonald, Maurice Oughtred & Arthur Parker (Second Ave), Ruth Penna (Third Ave), Patrick Walker (Western Ave), Alfred Hope, Norman Parsons, Mrs. I. Dickison, James Cairn, Joseph Irvine, Joseph Noble, William Anthony, W. Whiteley, Arthur Dodson, H. Meggitt & J. Carter (Wright St).

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