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Ardeer Station (1977 - Current)

Forrest St, Ardeer

Ardeer Station (1977 – Current)


Location: Forrest St west of Fitzgerald Rd, Ardeer.

Distance from Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station): – 15.05km (9.35 miles).


1976 – Railway line was duplicated between Sunshine and Deer Park.

1977 – The new Ardeer passenger station is opened. It is located approximately 850 metres east of the previous Ardeer Station that was position on the west side of Fitzgerald Rd.

Station Masters:

Unmanned station.


Ref: Wikipedia.

Photos: S&DHS.

Ardeer Railway Station (Sun Adv 504) 1988 Photo 02.JPG
Ardeer Railway Station 2021 Photo 01.JPG
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