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Ray Barnes Note Book Collection

(One Man's Social History of Sunshine)

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The "Ray Barnes Note Book Collection" is a large multi-volume collection of note books. There are over 36 note books, all filled with hand written notes on snippets relating to events of interest to Sunshine.

Ray was a former Sunshine resident, attended Sunshine Primary and Sunshine Technical School. He worked at H.V. McKays, the Colonial Gas Association and finally the Gas & Fuel Corporation.

In 1976, Ray started off recording his own experience, memories and personal contacts but he has gone on to search many newspapers and other publications searching for items about Sunshine.


Ray has recorded events that include cricket scores, football results, births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries and many other including Ray's own personal events. 


He was member of a number of Sunshine' Clubs including Sunshine Anglers, Sunshine Lawn Bowls, Sunshine RSL and the Sunshine & District Historical Society.


He initially donated 7 note books dating 1986 to 1989 to the Sunshine (Brimbank) Library and the remaining to S&DHS. Since then he has donated further volumes to S&DHS.


It would be a massive project to transcribe all the volumes into a searchable digital format, but the result would be wonderful collection of snippets of the events that relate to Sunshine.

Ref: Ray Barnes Diaries.

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Photos: S&DHS.

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