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Braybrook State School
Ballarat Rd, Braybrook

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The Braybrook State No 1102 was established in 1873. The school replaced the former Albion No 6 State School which was located a short distance away in "Old Albion", now Sunshine North.

The original school building was constructed from the local blue stone. The long edge of the building fronted Errol Street and was located only 8 yards (7.3 metres) from the street.

Mr A. Warren White, the Headmaster of the Albion No 6 State School became the school's first Headmaster. 

In 1874, a house was built on the site for the headmaster and his family. Years later the house became the caretaker's residence.

By 1879, the school building was extended to accommodate the increase in enrollments of the local children.

In 1925, the old blue stone school buildings were replaced with a modern brick building. By 1946 the school buildings were once again extended with a new wooden building stretching along Ballarat Road and an extra wing at the back. 


In 2007 the school merged with Sunshine East Primary School and Sunvale Primary School to form the Sunshine Harvester Primary School. In 2009 this campus was closed. The school was demolished after an arson attack in 2010.


The site is now used by the Rosamond School.

Headmasters / Principals

1873 - 1879 A. Warren White

1879 - 1889 Henry C. Hanna

1889 - 1893 William Auston

1894 - 1912 Thomas Flynn

1913 - 1918 Percy Paget Cowderoy

1918 - 1937 Louis Kepert

1937 - 1942 Henry Noy

1943 - 1944 Rondald C. Cordingly

1944 - 1947 Alexander J. Cathro

1947 - 1950 Richard T. Richards

1950 - 1955 William H. Wilding

1955 - 1958 Frank G. Terrell

1958 - 1961 Griffith J. Jones

1961 - 1965 Alexandra J. Cathro

1965            Michael F. X. O'Loughlin (Acting)

1966 - 1968 Alexandra C. Arthurson

1969 - 1989 R.G. Ross

1990 - 1993 Bruce Ashton

1998 - 2000 Liz Dobson

2000 - 2004 Pauline Cole

2006 - 2006 Matt Coughlin (Acting)

2006            Simon McQlade (Acting)

2006            Natalie Bakai (Acting)

2006            Julie Allen (Acting)

2006            Karen Fleming

Ref: A History of Braybrook, The District, The Settlers, The School

Ref: A History if Braybrook Primary School "Learning for Living"

Photos: S&DHS

Photos: PROV

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